Frequently Asked Questions

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Never! Okay, maybe not never. You must be able to get around on your own and without medical help. You should be able to do moderate lifting and have good manual dexterity. That’s about it. We have had women in their 70’s involved and won’t say no to any women who wants to participate as long as they are physically capable of participating.

We have had several children as young as eight participate; however, their mothers accompanied them in both circumstances. We, unfortunately, can not include unaccompanied children. We ask that an adult female chaperone accompany all children between 8-18. If you have a child you would like to get involved in the build, and please email us directly.

Absolutely! Any women are welcome. Just let us know what your experience level is and if you have any skills that may cross over. We have had women with ZERO experience, decades of experience, and everything in-between. The purpose of these builds is to share our skills, learn and grow together, and invite more women to experience the automotive trades hands-on. All levels are welcome and encouraged!

We are incredibly grateful for all of our male allies, and we couldn’t be doing what we are doing without them. We appreciate your friend’s support in sharing content, cheering us on, and helping to spread the word. However, to be consistent, no men are allowed on the build. We have several male mentors that we receive guidance and information from time to time, but only women’s hands build the vehicles.

We appreciate your interest! Realistically, we are highly selective in the projects because we are not a full restoration shop or open to the public. You are welcome to submit your vehicle to us in writing with photos, but please know the chances of it getting picked are not very great. Although restorations have become something we are known for, we are consciously looking and exploring alternative ways to teach more women and be even more hands-on with what we do.

Bluntly? No. Girl Gang Garage sponsors these builds to create a venue for connection and learning, which is also why we mutually do not charge for the opportunity to participate. Our goal is to build some cool vehicles, but more importantly, it is to make connections and community amongst women in the trades and promote the skills and presence of women in the industry to the industry at large.

We have work hours on weekends and in the evenings so you can come by after work. In the past, we have had local women who have taken advantage of the opportunity and worked with us several times a week or just one day a week. We ask that you let us know when you are coming rather than just showing up. Too many hands on deck can hinder progress and become chaotic, so we need to know for planning purposes. Also, we want you to have the best experience while working on the builds.

This is up to you! Previously we have had out-of-town ladies stay for a long weekend, an entire week, or even a whole month! Some ladies come out more than once, others just once. We rarely have more than six women out at a time. This ensures that every woman gets an opportunity to be hands-on with the build and to observe safety and health precautions. We recommend staying for at least a few days as it takes a little while to get acquainted with the tools and techniques for whatever stage of the build we are at. Most importantly, we want you to give us enough time to get to know you and for you to know us. We are a quirky, fun group, and we do this mainly to meet each of you. 


Generally, our work hours are 10am – 8pm each day which allows us to accommodate both women from out of town and local women joining us after their regular workday. As we get closer to SEMA CRUNCH TIME, these hours are likely to expand; however, we want to make sure you can have some downtime to connect with the other ladies out here during your stay. You’re welcome to work longer hours with us if we’re working. But we will be doing our best to stick to these hours. Please note: we are not working every single week. Due to Bogi’s travel schedule, there are weeks that we will not be working on the truck. Please see the schedule to know what weeks are available and roughly what we plan to be working on that week.

Yes! All women are welcome. If you were born female or identify and live full time as a female, you can help us with the builds.

Please reach out to us directly. Because of the nature of the work, we can only make so many reasonable accommodations. The bottom line is to ensure everyone’s safety. So let us know, and we’ll figure it out!

Absolutely! Women of ALL levels of experience are welcome. However, if you cannot participate due to financial constraints, please email us and we can discuss potential options.

This depends on the build. Typically the all-female builds our owned by Girl Gang Garage and, or in select instances, private individuals. The owner retains ownership of the vehicle but grants Girl Gang Garage the right to use the vehicle for media and appearances at shows and events to continue promoting and spreading the word about women in the trades. We do not charge the owner’s market restoration prices. Generally, they pay for parts, and we supply all labor for free in exchange for them allowing us the right to train newbies on their vehicle and for us to have creative license on the build.

We get it! Getting away from work and getting out to Phoenix can add up cost-wise. We do have some funds/scholarships available to help automotive professionals get out to Phoenix to participate. Please understand that these funds are limited, and as much as we would love to, we can’t subsidize everyone. We have many great resources available to help you find affordable flights and lodging while you are here. If you can’t do it yourself, please email us directly at We will have you fill out a form to apply for financial help. 


Less than 2.5% of automotive tradespeople are women. Most women working in the trades have never met, let alone worked with another woman. We’re used to feeling like an “only,” which can be discouraging at times. The all-female builds create a space where we can commiserate, share stories, find support, create friendships with other like-minded women and often find the motivation to keep going when times get rough. For the newbies, many have been hesitant to explore work or hobbies like this because they can be intimidating and overwhelming. Providing a judgment-free space for women to try a plasma cutter or welding, painting, or doing bodywork or mechanical work is an unusual opportunity for most. Our mission is to promote, connect and empower women in the trades, and invite more women to explore the trades.