What We Do

Women represent only 2.1% of all Automotive Technician & Mechanic job roles

We strive to attract, educate, and mentor women of all ages who are interested in learning more about the automotive industry. Whether early in their career, considering a transition, curious, hobbyist, complete novice, or a seasoned veteran, we provide a fun, entertaining, and engaging way to expose women to different types of skilled trade opportunities. Whether you come for our monthly Women’s Car Care Class or participate in a All-Female auto restoration, we have programs developed to nurture this diverse cross-section of women.

How We Help

Our first initiative occurred in 2017 and was an All-Female Restoration Build, called the “Chevy Montage.” Girl Gang Garage provides women with unique training and educational experiences that afford participants with first-hand automotive restoration experience, industry mentoring, and hands-on training in all phases of automotive restoration. We currently have two new restoration builds running, that we anticipate will attract greater participation because of our established audience of interested ladies

In 2018 we launched the Women’s Workshop Series to provide women of all ages access to skilled trade learning opportunities. Our workshops feature topics on welding, automotive service, repair, paint, and body industries and aim to connect participants with others in the automotive industry.

Based in Phoenix, AZ

90+ Women Involved

Monthly Classes & Workshops

Three All-Female Builds