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Girl Gang Garage may not have invented All-Female Builds, but we have perfected them into a premier training an educational opportunity for women of all ages and experience levels. Our build participants gain first-hand automotive restoration experience through hands-on participation in all phases of automotive restoration. 

These builds are all female, not to EXCLUDE men, but instead to create a space that INCLUDES women. 99% of all vehicle builds are done by all male teams. Most women working in the trades have never met, let alone worked-with, another woman. The All Female Builds create a space where we can commiserate, share stories, find support, and create friendships with other like-minded women. Here we find motivation to keep going when times get rough. For the newcomers to the industry, many have been hesitant to explore work or hobbies like this because it can be intimidating and overwhelming. Providing a judgement free space for women to try a plasma cutter or welding, painting, doing body work or mechanical work is an unusual opportunity for most. 

Many women have traveled in from all over the country to be involved. Typically, women plan to stay a long weekend or full week if time, jobs, and finances allow. For local women, we have volunteer hours into the evening and weekend to allow for participation around day jobs and life responsibilities. We ask that all volunteers coordinate with our scheduler so we have a balance of new comers and professionals and ensure everyone has the best experience possible. 

We have all skill levels participate from never holding a wrench to professionals working in the industry. All are welcome! If you have a specific area of interest or skill we can attempt to coordinate your trip around when we will most likely be doing those tasks. However, we cannot make any promises that you will be able to choose what you will be working on. We always encourage women to try their hand at something new as well. We often have multiple things going on at any given time, so there are typically some options for you to choose from. We do our best to accommodate, but at the end of the day what is needed to be done will dictate what we ALL do on any given day. 

This is a volunteer opportunity. We do not charge the vehicle owners for labor, so we are not making money off of these projects. Once they are built we take them to shows and other events to promote women in the trades. We want to get folks talking about the opportunities for women in the automotive industry. Our mission is to promote, connect and empower women in the trades, and invite more women to explore the trades. 

Our Latest Build:

High Yellow 56

No you’re not seeing double, this Truck Build is not “Chevy Montage”, but her little sister lovingly named “High Yellow 56” and is the brainchild of two newbies who participated in the Chevy Montage build. Inspired by their experience and an earnest interest in continuing their automotive restoration education they have proactively engaged the network of professional women established by the Chevy Montage build to assist. By utilizing Bogi’s leadership, this truck build showcases an evolution in Girl Gang Garage Builds, in that it functions as a means to provide professional development for women in the trades, additional learning opportunities for newbies, and a consistent cadence of Builds. This build is currently in progress and will terminate in fall of 2019, with it’s unveiling at Blueprint engines SEMA booth.

From The Build


Model: 1956 Chevy 3100

Engine Choice: BluePrint Engines 350CI Crate Engine

Build Time: Completed

Build Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Unveiled: BluePrint Engines Booth at SEMA 2020

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