Frequently Asked Questions

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It is not! Bogi hosts All Girls Garage, but the all-female builds are led by Girl Gang Garage and are COMPLETELY separate from the TV show. Girl Gang Garage is located in Phoenix, Arizona, and is not associated with All Girls Garage. We will be documenting many parts of the build, but it is not for inclusion in All Girls Garage on Motortrend. 


ANY woman can come and participate. We have had women with decades of experience, all the way to women with ZERO experience, go and work on the all-female builds. The women who participate range in age from 8 – 70. Some ladies knew a ton. Others didn’t know what a ratchet was. Seriously, this is all about learning, sharing, and growing together. You don’t need any experience to come to help out. Please know that we strive to have a balance of experienced and inexperienced women at the shop at any given time. So, if you have little to no experience, we might end up with a waitlist as we attempt to accommodate all interested and still be able to build a vehicle in the time frame we have available.

Our builds and classes are all female – not to EXCLUDE men, but instead to create a space that INCLUDES women. All-male teams do 99% of all vehicle builds. Less than 2.5% of automotive tradespeople are women. Most women working in the trades have never met, let alone worked with, another woman. Feeling like an “only” is a common sentiment that can be discouraging at times. The all-female builds create a space where we can commiserate, share stories, find support, and create friendships with other like-minded women. Here we find the motivation to keep going when times get rough. For the newbies, many have been hesitant to explore work or hobbies like this because it can be intimidating and overwhelming. Providing a judgment-free space for women to try a plasma cutter or welding, painting, or doing bodywork and mechanical work is an unusual opportunity for most. Our mission is to include, promote, and empower women.