BASF Takeover at Girl Gang Garage



If you have been following us from the beginning then you are very aware of BASF and their support of Girl Gang Garage. Tina joined forces with Bogi with the Chevy Montage which was the first build that was unveiled at the BASF booth at SEMA.

Tina from BASF had brought 5 other women to join her in the garage to assist on the Iron Maven Build for a full week. They assisted on engine components, charging port on the fender as well as learned some skills in cutting metal and welding. The ladies were so excited and eager to join and assist. “This opportunity is a dream come true for so many women,” Bogi had stated. “It takes a lot of guts to step out and try something big that you’ve never done, and these women are doing it. I love watching each of them realize how strong and talented they really are.”


Automotive work serves as a vehicle for life lessons. You learn to address issues that may arise and how to fix them. Diagnosing a problem and solving them while working on a team. After seeing the takeover occur, the confidence these ladies gained was something working in a normal office environment wouldn’t teach. If you are interested in corporate takeovers or team building, please feel free to reach out.


Written by Monica Janoff

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