Meet The Girl Gang

About Bogi


Bogi is a committed automotive industry advocate, TV personality, dealer-trained BMW technician, and was a 10+ year owner of an award-winning boutique repair shop in Phoenix, AZ. When it comes to the automotive industry, she is an expert, having witnessed its best and worst attributes.  This first-hand knowledge is what fueled her passion, guided her vision, and motivated her to create Girl Gang Garage. Bogi is passionate about improving the automotive industry’s reputation and changing the way women, in particular, experience the industry as professionals and patrons.

Additionally, Bogi has spoken and taught thousands all over the country, written and been
featured in articles for both industry and non-industry publications. Her passion for the industry is difficult to miss and is undoubtedly bringing a fresh perspective to closing the gender gap within the male-dominated automotive industry. Bogi also hosts the Automotive TV show All Girls Garage, is an industry spokesperson, teaches women’s car care classes, and performs shop evaluations and assessments for independent repair shops across the country.

About Shawnda

Shawnda Williams

If ideas are contagious, the best ones spread… so from Bogi’s Chevy Montage truck build, the excitement passed to Shawnda.  Motivated by her experience, compelled by Bogi’s mission, and inspired by the unique perspectives of the many women she met during the truck build, Shawnda was affected by the opportunity to influence change, remove barriers, and empower women of all ages to explore skilled trade training and careers.

Shawnda join’s Bogi in this crusade to disrupt the automotive industry through positive change. An automotive novice, Shawnda is leveraging more than 15-years of experience in the creative, marketing and technology sector.  She boasts an expansive career of designing award-winning graphics, creating nationally recognized marketing initiatives, and enhancing user experiences in conjunction with global brands such as Apple Computer, Inc., Microsoft Corporation, Cisco, Zappos, and Red Bull. Although the industries may be different, Shawnda is a career problem solver by trade and is excited to tackle this new challenge.