Volvo PV544

Girl Gang Garage is ready to tackle a 1961 Volvo PV544, affectionately known to Volvo aficionados as the “family sports car.” Our premiere build that will span two years, ending with a grand unveiling at BASF booth in SEMA 2021. In true Girl Gang Garage style, this will not be your ordinary restoration we plan to amp up this modest coupe and make it’s sporty stance a bit less subtle with some modern refinements and a beefed engine. We anticipate this build to be more audacious than both the Chevy Montage and High Yellow 56, so look out world this will not be one to be missed as a participant or a spectator.

As of October 2020, we are gearing up to continue working on the all-female custom Volvo build, as well as Women’s Car Care Classes and other projects for ladies to get involved with! If you are interested in getting involved, send an email to info @ and let us know what you are most interested in!


Model: 1961 Volvo PV544 Engine Choice: TBD Build Time: Current Build Location: Phoenix, Arizona Unveil: BASF Booth at SEMA 2021

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