What is the purpose of the All-Female Builds? 

What is the purpose of the All-Female Builds? 

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Less than 2.5% of automotive tradespeople are women. Most women working in the trades have never met, let alone worked with another woman. We’re used to feeling like an “only,” which can be discouraging at times. The all-female builds create a space where we can commiserate, share stories, find support, create friendships with other like-minded women and often find the motivation to keep going when times get rough. For the newbies, many have been hesitant to explore work or hobbies like this because they can be intimidating and overwhelming. Providing a judgment-free space for women to try a plasma cutter or welding, painting, or doing bodywork or mechanical work is an unusual opportunity for most. Our mission is to promote, connect and empower women in the trades, and invite more women to explore the trades.


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